Your documents are more than texts. Engineering drawings, process flowcharts, and elaborate marketing materials deserve careful attention both before and after translation. We’re ready to assist you with the most challenging OCR, typesetting, and formatting tasks.

You can rely on InText to process virtually any source materials, from AutoCAD drawings to Adobe InDesign layouts and scanned copies of printed documents. Want to increase the productivity of your translators and save time for post-processing? Our specialists will carefully extract text from any source files and make it suitable for cost-effective translation using computer-aided translation (CAT) or machine translation (MT) tools. We can also help you restore or recreate formatting after translation, making your documents ready for your audience.

Multilingual desktop publishing services

Desktop publishing (DTP) is an integral part of the full translation process. That is why we have built a strong in-house DTP team supported by a network of freelance specialists so we can offer you various translation and localization services, work with numerous tools, and process texts in various languages.

We provide text preparation and formatting services in all languages, and we’re quite flexible when it comes to DTP software. We are ready to use nearly any tools on the market as well as our own software for specialized purposes.

InText provides the following DTP-related services:

  • Optical character recognition (OCR). If your source materials are scanned copies or files in legacy formats, this may present challenges in planning and executing your translation project. For example, when text is in a picture format it’s difficult to calculate the actual quantity of text to translate and evaluate the required time and budget. To avoid these issues, our team will first carefully extract all text to be translated, making all subsequent steps easier and more cost-effective. All digitized texts undergo rigorous quality control that includes spellcheck (regardless of the language).
  • Preparation of source files for translation. Some types of files are known to be difficult to work with even if they can be opened with commercially available software. For example, images with embedded texts are difficult to work with, as is text separated by multiple line breaks to support the visual layout. These and a number of other source file complications can hamper translators’ efforts, leading to an unnecessary increase in the time required for and the cost of translation. To avoid this, we can efficiently prepare your files for translation based on our vast experience providing both DTP and translation services.
  • Final formatting of translated files. The look and feel of your materials should be as perfect as their content. Our experienced in-house and freelance DTP specialists will restore the formatting of your translated files or implement new formatting from scratch. When necessary, we can even create a brand-new design for your materials, select and prepare new images, and take other steps to make your final materials suitable for your target audience.
  • Post-layout linguistic proofreading (PLLP). Rigorous quality control checks are imbedded in all our DTP services. As a full-cycle translation company, we understand the risks posed by oversights in text preparation and formatting. Nobody wants to have to reprint a glossy marketing booklet because of a misspelling or error in the final layout. That’s why we provide rigorous post-formatting checks as a standalone service. These checks include spelling, punctuation, layout, and overall usability of the final material.

Our tools. We follow a simple rule: Use what our customers need. 

We regularly work with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FrameMaker, AutoCAD, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft PowerPoint, and a number of other commercially available software products. But if you need to use specialized software tools, we’re ready to master them. Most of our in-house and freelance DTP specialists have master’s degrees in computer science and extensive experience in creative work.

Supported languages. Our customers entrust us with DTP tasks in many languages. Besides our native Russian and Ukrainian, we regularly work with other languages of the former Soviet Union (Armenian, Azeri, Belarusian, Georgian, Kazakh, etc.) as well as almost all European and many Asian languages. We give every job the same care and attention no matter your source and target languages and no matter how big or small your DTP task.

Standard desktop publishing workflow


You can find a detailed chart of InText’s desktop publishing business process here:

Learn more about InText dektop publishing solutions and download our brochure here:

Watch a video on how we provide multilingual desktop publishing services

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