Take your business communications to the next level with our marketing services. InText has vast experience in branding and rebranding, compelling content creation, eye-catching animated video design, seamless online broadcasting, and high-quality video production. Read more about these services below.

Content creation

People like stories. Tell your prospective and existing customers about your products and services in a way that grabs their attention. InText is ready to assist you with this not only by localizing your existing content but by creating new content in accordance with your communication goals.

We are always happy to help you with the following:

  • Copywriting. Our in-house and freelance writers and editors can create almost any type of texts, from product descriptions to blog posts and internal communications. Their experience working on different platforms allows us to meet our clients’ diverse requirements, reach any audience, and select the appropriate form and tone for each task.
  • Graphic design. InText has experience creating websites, presentations, leaflets, and all kinds of electronic and printed media. As with all our other services, when working on graphic design jobs we strive to understand your message and your audience to provide the best solution for the given task.
  • Audio recording. Thanks to our vast network of voice talents, we offer a wide choice of male and female voices and formal or informal delivery. Whatever your task — from technical comments to radio commercials — we’ll help you find the most appropriate words and voice actors.
  • Video production. In order to get the best results with video content, you should consider both your creative goals and your technical requirements. InText is ready to help you with both tasks. We can prepare your existing video content for publication on your website or any online platform, taking care of image and sound quality as well as any specific technical requirements. We can also supplement your video content with subtitles or voice-over in another language

Animated video design

Whether you’re sharing the story of your brand, a tutorial for your team, or a guide for your newly released product, people learn from actions on the screen faster than from words on the page.

Workflow of animated video creation

  • Scenario. The customer usually gives us some background information and we build the whole story together.
  • Storyboard & visuals. After we have the whole story, it’s time to dig into the details. We create a storyboard, which is a document with three dimensions: the visual scenes, scene descriptions, and the voice-over script. At the same time, a graphic designer creates the main scenes and characters to be used in the storyboard and the whole video.
  • Voices. It’s best to have a final voice-over before we have the final video. Sometimes, we need to make corrections to the visuals after the final version of the voice-over is ready.
  • Animations. Once we’ve approved the storyboard, we take the scenes from it and sew them into the animation. The first draft of the video is essentially a series of storyboard frames.
  • Magic. The final stage is where we call for the animators. Their job is to breathe life into the visuals and make them move and talk. This is the final stage when we put together all the details: graphics, voice-overs, music, subtitles, promo texts, logos, infographics, and so on.

Is animated video expensive?

The cost depends on your needs and the draft scenario. Here is a list of the inputs we need to provide you with a quote:

  • Video duration
  • Number of characters and scenes
  • Voice-over (whether it’s needed and the number of characters)
  • Subtitles
  • Language (or languages) of the video
  • Information about additional graphics (if needed)
  • Music and sounds (sometimes we need to buy a license)

Online broadcasting

The time and effort you put into your real-world events will be even better repaid if you take advantage of online broadcasting. Modern technology gives you the unparalleled opportunity to reach an audience of an unlimited size anywhere in the world.

InText can help you make the online side of your events successful by:

  • Organizing and running teleconferences and webinars
  • Recording multi-camera video and audio feeds with live online broadcasting
  • Editing and post-processing recorded content (for example, adding presentation slides to videos)
  • Adapting video content for publication on your website or any online platform (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Creating promotional and educational videos.

Since 2013, InText has been organizing UTICamp, the largest localization industry event in Ukraine. Featuring up to 400 participants, the UTICamp conferences have given us much experience working with video content in challenging situations. In 2019, for instance, within the pine forest where UTICamp is held, our team provided three live video streams, each available in three different languages, with the support of 3 to 5 camera operators, 15 to 20 conference interpreters, and 10 to 12 technical staff for 7 consecutive days without a single technical issue. Visit the UTICamp YouTube channel to get an idea of how it went.

Branding and rebranding

Every company has its brand, even if it never uses the word.    

With a professional in-house team and a number of external partners, InText provides a full range of branding and rebranding services. We can help you:

  • Develop a high-level concept for all your presentation materials
  • Build or upgrade your company website
  • Optimize your social media pages
  • Design letterheads and other standard document elements
  • Standardize the layout of presentation slides
  • Create business cards, branded stationery, and corporate gifts
  • Prepare exhibition booths, backdrops, branded apparel, and accessories

Our goal is to make your company unique and memorable, reflecting your strengths and areas of expertise.

Working with InText is easy!
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