Our success is based on three principles:

  • Providing the highest possible quality of service
  • Implementing industry best practices
  • Constantly improving internal processes in line with our customers’ expectations

Below are the main milestones in the history of InText:

2002 — The InText Translation Company is established by Yuri Kaleniuk and his son Stanislav Kaleniuk in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. Before founding InText, Yuri worked in the information department at the Yuzhnoye State Design Office, an aerospace technology company that developed nine types of space launch vehicles atop which more than 1,100 spacecraft were put into orbit. Stanislav has a master’s degree in business management and is the CEO of InText.

2004 — InText implements a custom-developed automated management system. Almost 100% of translation jobs are completed with the use of computer-assisted (CAT) tools. The company signs its first international contracts.

2008 — InText joins the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), the world’s leading trade association for the language industry.

2011 — InText is awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certificate for its quality management systems for language and DTP services.

2012 — InText receives a DIN Certco certificate of compliance with the European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers (EN-15038:2006).

2013 — The first Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference (UTIC) is organized by InText in Kyiv, welcoming 369 participants from 19 countries.

2014 — The Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference is held for the second time in Kyiv.

2015 — InText is named the largest translation company in Ukraine by the independent rating agency Translationrating.ru.

2016 — The unique open-air UTICamp international translation conference is held for the first time in a picturesque forest near the city of Dnipro.

2017 — InText celebrates its 15th anniversary as a trusted partner of global companies and a leader in the Ukrainian translation market.

2018 — To meet growing demand from European customers, shareholders of InText establish a company in Estonia.

2019 — UTICamp-2019 is held in July, becoming the fourth international event (and the first full-week event) organized by InText. It features 63 hours of talks. In October, InText becomes a member of the tekom community, the world’s largest professional association for technical communication, and presents its services to a global audience at the tekom / tcworld 2019 conference.

2020 — To tackle the challenges of the COVID pandemic, InText switches to a combined working format – both from the office and remotely.

The company starts to move in the direction to become an MLV (Multilingual Language Vendor) company and master new language pairs.

The volumes of multilingual DTP continue to grow by 17% and the DTP department expands to meet the demand for the service.

In the summer, InText holds UTICamp-2020, its fifth international conference. This one-week event is held both offline and online, gathering the largest online audience ever.

In September, a new website with a more attractive design and improved structure is launched for the users’ convenience.

2021 —  13 new languages are added to the company’s portfolio, InText keeps on moving forward in the MLV direction.

The project management department takes in 3 new employees.

A new service of graphic design is launched and used effectively in combination with the DTP orders.

The company experiences a record growth of multimedia localization service (390%!) and continues to develop it actively in the areas of transcribing, subtitling, etc.

On July 19-25, InText holds UTICamp - a unique open-air localization industry event in a picturesque forest near Dnipro. The conference takes place in a hybrid format and attracts 208 onsite and 150 online participants from 23 countries. The attendees enjoy a whole week of inspiring presentations, useful workshops, networking sessions, live concerts, and other fun activities. 

2022 — At the beginning of the year, InText makes a series of new corporate videos demonstrating the company’s services.

On February 24, Russia starts a war by the invasion of Ukraine, and the company aimed to provide maximum stability for the employees and clients, contributing to the country’s economy, and actively providing and supporting various humanitarian initiatives. 

InText has launched a humanitarian initiative and donates 10% of the profit on each desktop publishing order. Thus, by ordering multilingual desktop publishing services from InText, you can both benefit as a client and make a contribution to the humanitarian effort.  

2023 — InText experiences a significant increase in the DTP and OCR hours performed in 2023 compared to 2022. The company successfully launches a landing page dedicated to desktop publishing services - dtp.intext.com. In December, we publish an article about AI trends in OCR in the industry magazine Multilingual.

InText is recognized as the largest LSP in Ukraine in CSA Research’s 2023 ranking based on the 2022 data. We are ranked 19th among the 25 largest LSPs in Eastern Europe — one step higher compared to the previous year. Our team always strives to achieve results that meet our clients’ needs.

In June, we take part in LocWorld49 in Malmö, Sweden, and in November - tekom fair 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany, where we present our services to a global audience.

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