Cost-effective multilingual desktop publishing solution. Your documents are more than texts. We offer customized approaches to meeting your layout challenges, giving you ready-to-use files.

Print preparation. We provide text preparation and formatting services in all languages, and we’re quite flexible when it comes to DTP software. Our team is ready to use nearly any tool on the market as well as our own software for specialized purposes.
Our tools
We follow a simple rule: Use what our clients need.

If you need to use specialized software tools, we’re ready to master them.


We work with any type of content in Articulate storyline 360
to make your e-learning project look just perfect!

Supported languages

We work with all languages, even indigenous ones. We can deal with hieroglyphic symbols and complex characters. InText will prepare your files in the languages that your customers speak.

What is DTP and what is it used for?

Desktop publishing (DTP) is an important part of the translation process. It helps you to prepare any type of document for translation and create the correct layout afterwards.

Multilingual DTP is primarily used for engineering drawings, process flowcharts, brochures, newsletters, eBooks, magazines, technical manuals, posters, presentations, packaging labels, flyers, and handouts when they need to be translated into other languages.

Do I need DTP?

If you need to prepare your files for translation, you can rely on our DTP experts. They will make sure your texts are compatible with CAT tools, offering time and cost savings and improving your translation quality.

If your translated materials need to closely match the original document, consider desktop publishing. No matter what language your content is, we ensure that the target document looks the same or even better than the original. We know how to do it.

Additionally, the length of a text may change significantly after translation: characters in different languages can take up more or less space. This can cause issues with document formatting or your product’s UI/UX design. Our job is to prevent these issues.

What are your turnaround times?

A project manager will reply to your request within 30 minutes. After receiving your order, they will pass it on to our desktop publishing experts, who will estimate the required hours for your project after a thorough analysis. You can rely on our experts to deliver your project with the highest quality and within tight deadlines.

Can I get a quote?

Just send us your files and we will provide a free quote for your project.

Is AI technology involved in DTP services?

We implement AI technology to automate OCR and layout formatting processes. AI helps us to speed up monotonous operations like writing scripts. However, we carry out our DTP services delivered to clients completely manually. This approach ensures that you get 100% accuracy as well as privacy and data security for all your projects.

If you are looking for top specialists to handle your project, you’re looking in the right direction! Feel free to send us your files.

What software products do you work with?

We work with a wide variety of software products including Adobe InDesign (.indd, .idml), ABBYY FineReader, Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx), Adobe FrameMaker (.mif, .fm), AutoCAD (.dwg, .dxf), Adobe Illustrator (.eps, .ai), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), Microsoft Visio (.vsdx), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), Articulate Storyline 360 (.story), OpenOffice (.odt), LibreOffice (.odt), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Adobe After Effects (.aep), Adobe Premiere Pro (.ppj), Adobe XD (.xd), CorelDRAW (.cdr), Figma (.fig), Keynote (.key), Pages (.pages), and QuarkXPress (.qxp).

What languages do you work with?

We work with all languages, even indigenous ones. We can deal with hieroglyphic symbols and complex characters. InText will prepare your files in the languages your customers speak.

How do you ensure the quality of your work?

InText has greatly increased our DTP capacities over the last few years, providing clients worldwide with various desktop publishing solutions.

Our experienced, carefully selected, and well-trained teams of in-house and freelance DTP specialists deal with complex projects daily. Our quality management system describes the company’s main business processes, each of which has key performance indicators and a responsibility matrix. InText’s business processes are formalized, clear, and easy to use.

We follow a simple principle: every page of a client's project should be double-checked before delivery. That's why we have in-house DTP QC Specialists.

Send us your files and see for yourself!

Watch a video on how we provide multilingual desktop publishing services

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