While translation is one of the oldest professions in the world, transcreation is a relatively new field that’s been actively developing only for the past several decades. The term itself is composed of two words — translation and creation — thus emphasizing the creative component of the process. Any translator needs to be creative, but the degree of creative freedom is determined by the nature of the source text and the client’s requirements. For example, safety instructions or healthcare documents should be translated precisely, sometimes even word-for-word. On the other hand, an exact translation of a travel website from English to Russian may not convert visitors in the target market.

Creative translations are especially important in situations where the source message is designed to evoke an emotional response. The best marketing materials are created for a specific audience, and the implied meaning is more important than the words themselves. Careful targeting is necessary even within the boundaries of a linguistic community, and conveying the right message across languages and cultures requires even greater care.

Transcreation is about taking a source text and creating from it a new message for a new audience. To do so, you need the assistance of experts in the target language and culture who can understand your goals and provide the best solution for achieving them.

Our transcreation services involve several key steps:

  • Analyzing the source text and the client’s creative brief (or discussing the client’s needs and creating a brief)
  • Developing a culturally appropriate concept for the target audience and sharing it with the client for approval
  • Creating one or several texts in the target language (when necessary, with back translations and comments for the client)
  • Delivering the final translation (sometimes with recommendations to adjust the visuals, etc.)

Depending on the client’s needs, transcreation might involve changing the wording or even entirely reworking the original concept if it’s found to be inefficient or inappropriate for the target market. Whatever your transcreation needs, we’re ready to provide our expertise and help you succeed in a new market.

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