Translation services for the military require absolute precision, complete information security, and profound subject matter knowledge. Additionally, military translations must be entirely error-free, as the consequences of any errors may be severe or even fatal. Moreover, defense terminology is constantly evolving due to the creation of new weapons and standards, changes in military engineering and methods of warfare, and so on. This is why military-related content requires some of the most sophisticated translation skills.

With offices in Ukraine and Estonia, InText has extensive experience working with military-related subject matter. Given the progressive militarization of and ongoing war in Ukraine, demand for defense translation remains consistently high. This is reflected in our strong and constantly growing experience in the field.

Professional military linguists

Our linguists provide professional military translations. This type of translation requires expertise in specific terminology, abbreviations, jargon, precision, and brevity. InText thoroughly tests and verifies its translators, establishing long-term partnerships with skilled professionals. Each of our defense translators has the necessary background and expertise to deliver translations that are accurate both technically and substantively.

You can send us your files in any convenient format, select the required language pair, and receive a quality military translation within a timeframe that suits your needs.

Our military translation services

  • Translation
  • Revision
  • Interpretation
  • Desktop publishing

You can rely on InText when you require military document translation. The defense sphere generates a substantial volume of documentation, including various types of reports, specifications, instructions, and manuals related to military engineering, machinery, vehicles, devices, equipment, medicine, training, and international relations. Our well-established business processes and partnerships with translators, revisers, reviewers, editors, and QA specialists enable us to deliver top-notch defense translation services.

Why choose InText for your military translation needs?

InText is a leading multilingual localization service provider with 20+ years of experience in the language industry. Our team of 800+ skilled linguists works with a wide range of languages and subject areas, using a variety of software tools to ensure top-quality results. With 15 project managers guiding you through every step, we offer a seamless experience — and our ISO 17100:2015 certification assures top quality.

Most importantly, working with InText guarantees complete information security. Our military translation services maintain a high level of confidentiality through strict NDA compliance.

Choose InText for military translations among Ukrainian, English, German, and other languages.  Get in touch with the InText team to discuss which language pairs you require.

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