As your reliable European language services provider, we can help you with translations in almost all industry-specific subjects. When you choose InText, you have a team of experienced linguists, state-of-the-art technologies, and well-tuned quality assurance processes at your disposal. Together, we can cope with almost any linguistic task.

InText provides high quality, fast execution, and reasonable pricing thanks to:

  • ISO-certified project management
  • A solid in-house team of 40 full-time professionals
  • Strong translation technology skills that we’re constantly developing
  • Smart business process solutions for your particular tasks
  • A deep connection with the aerospace industry and other high-tech industries
  • Family values and long-term relationships with our clients

To meet our clients’ constantly evolving needs, we develop expertise in different subject areas in various European languages. 

Technical translations

Just as a piece of equipment contains numerous components, technical translation encompasses a number of subjects. Engineers must have a good understanding of the fundamentals of physics, math, and chemistry, and our technical translators must as well. Operating in Eastern Europe, we have the privilege of partnering not only with highly experienced linguists but with real engineers for real technical translations. For many projects, we can find subject matter experts who can ensure the usability of your translations.

Aviation & aerospace translations

InText was founded by the chief translator of the Yuzhnoye Design Office, a company that developed a number of Soviet satellites. The Yuzhnoye Design Office is located in the city of Dnipro, one of Ukraine’s most significant industrial and educational centers and home to the InText headquarters and production hub. Our direct access to a wide range of linguists and subject matter experts allows us to provide high-quality translations. Many of our translators have first-hand experience not only in translation but in the development and production of aircraft, satellites, and other types of aviation and aerospace equipment.

Medical translations

Medical translations can play a crucial role in saving lives, so quality is paramount. Modern medicine is unimaginable without up-to-date equipment, pharmaceuticals, and clinical research. We’ve undertaken a number of medical translation projects for our clients and will be glad to handle your assignments. We understand the needs both of medical professionals and patients and will convey your message clearly and efficiently.

Business translations

To us, business means more than money. It means people. To succeed in business, you must understand and persuade others. We’re here to help you do both those things. Living for centuries at the crossroads between East and West, Ukrainians have mastered the art of understanding both sides. At InText, we understand both you and your clients. As an ISO and EN-certified company, we understand the rules of modern business and can help you meet your business goals. On the other hand, we understand your customers and the cultural context of the markets in which you work, allowing us to effectively translate your commercial and marketing communications in a way that achieves your aims.

IT and software localization

Information technologies are the nervous system of modern life. Living and working in one of the scientific centers of Eastern Europe, our linguists and technicians know IT basics and follow cutting-edge developments. As a professional translation company, we use both commercially available and custom software tools. This permits us to understand not only the language of software, help systems, and technical manuals, but also the aspirations of end users. Working hand in hand with our clients, we ensure accessibility and usability of their products in all target markets and in all target languages.

Agriculture translations

Vast territory, mild climate, and fertile land make Ukraine one of the most agriculturally developed countries. Whether you’re exporting or importing fertilizers or agricultural products — or even selling, manufacturing, or servicing cars and trucks — we can help you meet your business goals. If you’re working in the Ukrainian, Russian, Belarussian, Kazakh, or other markets of the former Soviet Union, our linguists and subject matter experts can convey your message to your target audience: businesspeople, consumers, service engineers, agricultural workers, or any other demographic. 

InText also works with other subject areas including law, oil and gas, power and generation, social and political sciences, education, travel and tourism, food and cuisine, fashion, sports, and arts and literature.

We take a flexible approach to every project to build a process that assures the best quality possible. Here is our standard translation project workflow, which can be easily adapted to meet your needs.

Standard translation workflow 

Look at a detailed chart of InText’s main business processes:

Watch a video about the industry-specific translation services InText provides

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