The gaming industry is at its height. New games are released every day. And every day, millions of gamers sit down at their consoles and gaming computers, download games, and click play.

Games are part of our lives. They entertain us and even train us in new skills.

But while we all play the same games, we play them in different languages.

Localization is a must when you introduce your game to a new market.

People buy what they understand and enjoy playing games that understand them. That’s why you should know the languages and respect the traditions of your players — and even anticipate their thoughts.

Smart game localization can:

  • Skyrocket your sales
  • Strengthen your app store optimization (ASO)
  • Increase your visibility score
  • Help you to become a featuring’s rockstar
  • Attract more downloads on local game marketplaces
  • Raise your retention rate
  • Improve product monetization
  • And simply make your customers love your games even more

Why choose InText? Our localization services include:

  • Translation & review by a native speaker who’s keen on games
  • Expert project management
  • Multi-stage quality checks
  • Support for multiple formats
  • Application optimization support
  • Multimedia content localization
  • Desktop publishing
  • Graphic design
  • Culturalization
  • Marketing materials translation

How do we do it?

With InText, you can also get:

  • localized voiceovers,
  • smashing graphics,
  • professional translation of your marketing materials and technical documentation.

Improve your content using culturalization to take into account the mentality of players in each market as well as local traditions and any cultural restrictions.

Together, we’ll make your game top the sales charts.

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