This March, we embarked on our next adventure and participated in a conference dedicated to gaming trends, topics, innovations, and insights. Anna Kraineva (head of project management), Valeriya Vezovyk (PM team lead), Maksym Hamii (head of translation department), and Stanislav Kalenyuk (CEO) went to the vibrant city of Lviv, Ukraine, to exhibit at Games Gathering Conference 2024.

Games Gathering is one of the biggest B2B conferences in Eastern Europe dedicated to game development and the creation of high-quality gaming content. It brings together gaming influencers, enthusiasts, and passionate gamers. This year, we delved into the heart of the gaming community to explore, learn, and connect.

Our booth at the conference was, as usual, a colorful and interactive space that reflected InText’s commitment to creativity and innovation. Our stand featured our popular beloved multilingual cat. At the center of our booth was a large wheel with sectors representing more than 40 languages into which we localize. To take part in the InText raffle, a participant would spin the wheel to select a language, then say a word in that language. Participants got souvenirs from InText and a chance to win one of our famous prizes. We congratulate all 30 lucky winners of our bright yellow InText hoodies.


The conference was a rich source of knowledge. Engaging talks from industry experts covered a wide range of topics, from the game development cycle to interdisciplinary issues such as psychological barriers and burnout.

But it was the people who truly stood out. Cosplayers created a playful and vibrant atmosphere, bringing beloved game characters to life. The InText team was thrilled to once again meet our friends and partners in person, stepping away from emails and office monitors. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of participants enriched the conference, turning it into a melting pot of ideas and perspectives. We were happy to get to know every new person in this vibrant industry.

InText thanks the Games Gathering organizers, incredible speakers, and kind visitors to our booth. We look forward to future conferences that allow us to share, learn, and grow within this dynamic industry.

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