Your customers’ needs are continually evolving. When offering new products and services, you should make sure your communications keep up with your product development. This is especially true when targeting an international audience, which is why continuous development requires continuous localization.

Continuous localization involves integrating linguistic tasks closely with Agile development. You cannot wait for the end of the development cycle to start translating your materials into other languages. Instead, all updates to software or online content should be immediately processed by linguists, and the resulting translations should be integrated into language-specific product versions. There is simply no time for the traditional send–wait–receive process, as content should move steadily in a circular flow of constant updates.

Moreover, organizations rarely can afford to have in-house linguists for numerous languages, making it necessary to collaborate with external vendors (both companies and individuals). There are a number of cloud-based solutions to help you do this efficiently.

Continuous localization solutions

Crowdin is a cloud-based localization solution that serves both as a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool and a translation management system (TMS).

Lokalise is a localization and translation management platform focused on automation, workflow transparency, and fast project delivery.

Smartling is a cloud-based translation management platform that automates the translation of digital content.

Phrase is a web-based translation management system.

Transifex is a globalization management system (GMS). This web-based translation platform is designed for technical projects with frequently updated content.

Smartcat is a cloud-based translation and localization platform that positions itself as an all-in-one translation platform, combining CAT, TMS, and other translation technologies.

Main benefits of localization platforms

Specialized translation management systems are especially useful in complex localization scenarios such as:

  • Translating software interfaces into different languages
  • Creating and updating international versions of websites
  • Localizing video games
  • Delivering software documentation for a global audience

Generally speaking, all localization platforms have one main goal: to make continuous localization as seamless as possible, freeing software development teams from routine tasks and allowing for faster content turnaround.

Finding the right language professionals

Although many content transfer operations can be automated, translation itself remains a creative process. In continuous localization, linguists play a vital role, working closely with developers to deliver high-quality translations almost in real time. Selecting, training, managing, and supporting language professionals are critical tasks — and these happen to be core competencies of InText.

Why InText?

InText has been helping global companies localize their content since 2002. Over the course of 20+ years, we have accumulated experience in key areas to ensure the success of your localization projects:

  1. Creating a team suited to your needs by selecting linguists from our existing talent pool or recruiting additional specialists
  2. Implementing and supporting the production process, including fine-tuning the project in accordance with your requirements
  3. Setting up quality assurance systems (glossaries, translation memories, style guides, processes)
  4. Providing translation and quality control by qualified and result-oriented language professionals

Contact us for more information about cloud-based localization solutions. We’ll help you select the best tool to make your localization process even more efficient.

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