Translation is both a process and a result. Let’s take a brief look at our quality assurance system to see how our processes can achieve the results you desire.

Everything starts with you. We strive to assist you in achieving your goals by evaluating your needs and determining the most efficient way to meet them. To do this, we follow international quality standards.

The InText quality management system complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Following this standard, we define the quality of our translations based on the degree to which they fulfil our clients’ requirements. To make sure our quality is consistent, we’ve developed a business process certified in accordance with the ISO 17100:2016-05 European Standard for Translation Services (registration number 7U396, issued by DIN CERTCO on 8 September 2016).

We focus our quality assurance efforts on three key factors: people, processes, and technology.


Like any big translation company, we rely on a wide network of freelance partners. But when expanding our network, we never compromise on quality. Each and every one of our freelance linguists and DTP specialists undergoes a rigorous selection and onboarding process. Additionally, we assist our partners in their professional development and constantly monitor their performance. Final quality checks are always performed by our highly qualified in-house editors and desktop publishing (DTP) specialists. Our six-strong in-house editing team has a combined experience of nearly 100 years and is able to understand and implement requirements in various subject areas, while our DTP department is one of the fastest-growing in our company, providing a wide range of services in many languages.


While working with demanding clients, we’ve developed and implemented a quality management system that comprises nearly 100 business processes. Moreover, the InText management team regularly reviews existing processes to keep them in line with our clients’ expectations and the latest industry trends. We’re always ready to describe our processes to you, discuss them, and adjust them to meet the specific needs of your project. In order to carefully measure the quality of our translations, we’ve developed our own quality assurance model that we use at all stages of translation, DTP, and multimedia localization projects, starting from selecting the right vendor for the task and ending with the final quality check. 

Practical experience proves the old proverb that to err is human. To prevent mistakes from slipping into the final product, each and every one of our business processes includes extra verification steps performed by several people. For example, every translation is checked by another linguist (an in-house or freelance editor), a proofreader, or a subject matter expert. We apply the same rigorous practices to our other services too. As a rule, we implement the second pair of eyes principle, and, when necessary, add a third, fourth, or even fifth pair of eyes.


InText is a technology-driven company. In order to maintain the quality of our products and services, we employ a range of solutions, from a custom-made translation management system (TMS) to cutting-edge computer assisted translation (CAT) and quality control (QC) tools. Every piece of technology we use is in pursuit of a single goal: to carefully register all of our clients’ requirements, transfer them through the multi-stage production process, and ensure the end result conforms with our clients’ expectations. To avoid even minor mistakes, we supplement manual quality controls with automated checks at various project stages. In addition to the QC tools embedded in our modern CAT software, we use dedicated translation quality assurance tools such as Verifika. Its wide range of verification options allow our specialists to perform fast and efficient quality control of large volumes of translated texts to detect and eliminate errors semi-automatically.

InText Comparison Tool

InText Comparison Tool is a desktop application developed by our IT specialists using their profound expertise and industry best practices. It identifies the corrections made to a bilingual file by comparing the translated and edited versions of the file. The tool helps to track all reviewer’s edits and export the result to a comparison report for further analysis. InText Comparison Tool is a part of our quality management system. At each workflow stage, the linguists deliver a comparison report showing all the corrections made. This approach ensures transparency and simplicity in tracking the edits. Read more about it here.

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Complaint management

All our clients expect the highest quality possible. We value any kind of feedback — even negative — as we consider it an opportunity to improve our processes and procedures. Every complaint is registered and analyzed by our standing quality committee. Our aim is simple: to prevent the same mistake from being repeated. When we find any faults on our side, we openly discuss the situation with our clients and look for ways to ensure their satisfaction.

Learn more about how we work with clients' complaints from this video: 

UTICamp-2019. Clients' Complaint Lifecycle at InText

Speaker: Maksym Hamii 

Head of Translation Department, InText

Find more materials we use to improve our quality in our library.

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