Efficiently reach your global audience using localized video and audio content. We can assist you with localizing your materials into different languages with our full range of linguistic and technical services including transcription, subtitling, and voice-overs.


Transcription means converting spoken words into written text. Even in the era of multimedia content, written text remains an efficient medium that offers many advantages:

  • Fast search for the efficient storage and recovery of information
  • Opportunity for automated data mining
  • Easy reuse of content in different scenarios
  • A solid basis for quality translation, both by human translators and machine translation software

At InText, we combine the latest technology with the experience of our language specialists to provide high-quality transcription services in multiple languages. Every transcription job is covered by our certified QA processes, ensuring timely and quality execution.


Subtitling means adding textual information to your video content. Depending on the source material and your requirements, this process might include a number of steps:

  • Transcription
  • Creation of intralingual subtitles (subtitles in the source language)
  • Translation of intralingual subtitles into other languages
  • Creation of interlingual subtitles

Subtitling requires a special approach. It’s often not feasible to translate all spoken words into text, as viewers won’t be able to read fast enough. Thus, we must retain the speaker’s idea while keeping the text concise. There are also different technical limitations for different languages.

To obtain the best subtitling results, you need to employ a professional team with a deep understanding of both the technical and linguistic aspects of the process.


Choosing the right voice is important for building customers’ trust. You might need to localize your promo video or you might need professional-grade audio for your e-learning materials or an audiobook. We can assist you with all of these things.

Adding or translating audio comments to your multimedia materials is a powerful way to reach a wider audience both within your local market and abroad. For example, you can add audio descriptions to your video content to make it accessible for people with visual impairments.

Adding voice-overs is just one stage of the audio localization process. InText offers a full range of localization solutions:

  • Transcription of existing multimedia content in various languages when no script is available
  • Subtitling
  • Translation of scripts into target languages (when necessary, with cultural adaptation or transcreation)
  • Professional recording of audio content by professional voice actors

We partner with a wide range of male and female voice actors, offer formal and informal delivery, and adjust our process to fit your project.

While working with audio, we pay special attention to the pronunciation of trademarks, people’s names, and toponyms. Additionally, we always inform our clients of possible issues before recording, such as potentially undesirable associations with spoken words for a target audience.

Here are some voice-over samples:


Male English


Male French

Female French


Male German

Female German


Male Russian

Female Russian


Female Ukrainian 1

Female Ukrainian 2

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