Whether you need to localize a mobile app or a AAA game, we will find the best solution for you. With InText, you can create an immersive experience for gamers in any language, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. 

Why InText?

We offer you

  • Game translation

We ensure a culturally accurate experience for your players by taking care of your game’s audio, graphics, menus, interfaces, other in-game texts, and marketing materials. InText carefully tests and trains our game translators so they can meet your every demand — and as passionate gamers themselves, our linguists expertly handle gaming terms. With InText, you can reach players in many regions and let people immerse themselves in your game no matter where they are from.

  • Voice-over & subtitling

Multimedia content makes games more engaging. The InText team addresses both technical and linguistic facets of bringing multimedia content to a global audience, from actor accents to audio editing. Create a fully immersive experience for every gamer regardless of the language they speak with our worldwide network of voice actors. We can also help you add subtitles to your game with our skilled linguists and cutting-edge technologies.

  • Localization QA / Linguistic testing

Linguistic testing or quality assurance (QA) plays a crucial role in the game localization process, aiming to create an out-of-this-world experience for players. Our team of linguists checks your localized content to ensure seamless functionality of localized parts. Linguistic testing includes a thorough review of on-screen text, audio elements, subtitles, and more.

  • Culturalization

When localizing your game, InText goes beyond simple translation. We offer our clients culturalization, a service that considers every cultural nuance of your target audience. Culturalization is the process of adapting a game’s storyline, graphics, character names, and other elements to a different culture by deeply examining its basic assumptions, values, and ideologies. This way, we ensure that your game aligns with local cultural sensibilities. You can elevate your game to the top charts with localized and reviewed imagery, music, colors, food, gestures, and more. Our native speakers will make sure your game feels local no matter the language and market.

  • Project management

Entrust your localization tasks to our 15 dedicated localization project managers, all of whom are well-versed in the gaming universe. Our project managers will ensure seamless and timely execution of multilingual localization for your game, guiding you through every stage of your project. Also, working with us is easy and fast, as you will get a response to your initial request within 30 minutes.

  • Marketing materials

Level up your game by letting the whole world know about it. InText adapts your marketing and advertising materials — game descriptions for stores, artbooks, websites, and more — for players around the world. Our file preparation and desktop publishing services guarantee that your game-related documentation looks perfect in any language. Also, we can build catchy designs for your marketing materials from scratch with our graphic design service.

  • Linguistic research

Add more cultural flavor to your game. InText can gather information and generate content in various languages tailored to specific regions. Our team of linguists will gladly help you research linguistic nuances for your target audience. Whether it's collecting catchy phrases or incorporating unique phraseology, we're here to enhance the localization of your game.

Game platforms we localize for

  1. PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  2. Console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.)
  3. Mobile (iOS, Android)
  4. Virtual Reality (VR)
  5. Web

Approved by game industry professionals


As a company specializing in game localization projects, we are always on the lookout for partners able to not only provide the translations of the highest quality, but also do so according to strict schedules while adhering to various additional requirements. InText turned out to be a perfect match for us, sharing our philosophy and meeting all our cooperation standards, even exceeding our expectations.

Vendor Manager at a Localization Company

InText’s project managers were exceptional, maintaining clear communication throughout the localization process. It was a pleasure working with such a responsive team, and we're definitely keen to collaborate with InText again on future projects.


You can read more about our game conference experience here.

How we do it?

What languages do you support?

InText offers comprehensive language localization services, allowing you to adapt your game to any language of your choice. We will find linguists that fill your exact needs.

What games do you localize?

Whether you need to localize a AAA game, mobile app, indie product, online or desktop game, we will suggest the best solution to meet your specific needs.

We’ve localized the games that ranked in the top 10 sales in the Ukrainian segment of Steam in 2022 and 2023.

How long will it take to localize my game?

The duration of localization projects varies based on the amount of content, the game’s complexity, the urgency of the project, and the number of languages involved. Game translators typically handle 1,500 words per day given the creative and other work involved in localization. For games with lots of content, we can create a dedicated team of linguists to expedite the process.

For a precise estimate, reach out to us at localize@intext.com. We will evaluate the timeframe for your game’s localization free of charge after examining your needs and files.

How much will it cost to localize my game?

Every project is unique, and pricing is tailored to your specific needs.

To estimate the price, we assess source materials, the game’s theme, the volume of source text, and additional instructions and processes (such as voiceovers and subtitles). We also consider the availability of sufficient reference materials and the necessity of creating and approving a glossary.

Reach out to us at localize@intext.com and we will provide you with a customized estimate for your game’s localization.

Do you offer a test translation?

We’re always ready to provide you with a test translation. Contact us at localize@intext.com and give our services a try.

What game genres do you specialize in localizing?

At InText, we embrace games across diverse genres. Whether your game falls into action, strategy, simulation, or any other category, our game localization services can meet your needs.

What tools and file formats do you work with?

InText works with a wide range of tools, ensuring perfect game localization whether you’re using Google Sheets or software products like Smartling, Lokalise, or Phrase. We generally work with Crowdin. You can find our page at Crowdin Marketplace here.

Find more information about continuous localization here.

We also support a variety of file formats, including strings, XML, XLIFF, DOC, TXT, CSV, JSON, and PO.

Do you test video games after localization?

Yes, we offer comprehensive game testing, including verification of localized content integration. This is an additional service within our game localization offerings.

Why should I localize my game?

Localizing your game opens a world of opportunities. By making your game accessible in different languages, you can increase your download rate, broaden your player audience, and boost your revenue potential. Studies show that gamers are more likely to play games in their native language, so don’t miss a chance to grab their attention.

How do you guarantee the highest quality of my translations?

InText has 20+ years of experience working with localization projects and is backed by ISO 1700:2015 certification.

Our experienced, carefully selected, and well-trained teams of in-house managers and translators deal with complex projects daily. Our quality management system describes the company’s main business processes, each of which has key performance indicators and a responsibility matrix.

At InText, we follow a simple principle: every word of a client’s project should be double-checked before delivery. That’s why we have in-house QA specialists.

Reach out to us and see for yourself!

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