Planning to expand your company’s operations? Need extra workers for a big project? Want staffing flexibility? Outstaffing helps you meet all these challenges.

What exactly is outstaffing?

Outstaffing is leasing an employee. At your request, InText searches for, selects, and provides basic training for a specialist, signs a contract with that specialist, and provides him or her with a workplace. This workplace can be on InText premises or at the specialist’s home. Either way, we equip the specialist with a workstation, standard office software, and broadband internet access. Thus, you get a team member working under your direction and with all the necessary tools without needing to enter into a legally binding work contract.

Which positions can be outstaffed?

Our experience shows that almost any role might be outstaffed: project manager, assistant project manager, vendor manager, quality assurance specialist, desktop publishing specialist, subtitling specialist, big data/database analyst, designer, social media marketing specialist, video production engineer, software developer, IT support specialist, etc.

What advantages will you get?

  1. Freedom from HR overhead. InText performs all HR processes in-house: recruiting, training, onboarding, providing professional consulting during the contract period and, if needed, dismissing specialists.
  2. Full management of organizational details. InText takes care of and covers the costs of all organizational matters, including legally registering employees, paying taxes and social guarantees, setting up new workplaces at the InText office or employees’ home offices, purchasing workstations, and installing all software that is standard in the translation industry.
  3. The ability to sign short-term contracts (for 3 months) and work with employees as needed in the future. You can arrange as many as 20 outstaffing positions per year.

Why InText?

  1. Benefit from 20 years of experience in translation and desktop publishing services as well as experience since 2013 in arranging complicated international projects, including the annual UITIC international conference.
  2. Our portfolio includes a five-year outstaffing contract with a French company that has allowed our client to save up to 70% on specialists by working with five InText employees in the positions of assistant project manager, optical character recognition operator, and desktop publishing operator.
  3. InText is located in Dnipro, Ukraine — the heart of satellite and rocket technologies under the Soviet Union and a city that each year produces many graduates with quality technical backgrounds.

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