The time and effort you put into your real-world events will be even better repaid if you take advantage of online broadcasting.

Modern technology gives you the unparalleled opportunity to reach an audience of an unlimited size anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can get instant feedback from your viewers, thus increasing the impact of your message. No wonder online broadcasting (or live streaming) has become one of the most important communication tools both within organizations and for communicating with the general public.

While the usefulness of online broadcasting is widely accepted, however, there’s no single best way to organize it — and it can be challenging to choose between various hardware and software solutions. When your content is really important and you need a setup that’s guaranteed to work, it’s best to ask for professional assistance.

InText can help you make the online side of your events successful by:

  • Organizing and running teleconferences and webinars
  • Recording multi-camera video and audio feeds with live online broadcasting
  • Editing and post-processing recorded content (for example, adding presentation slides to videos)
  • Adapting video content for publication on your website or any online platform (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Creating promotional and educational videos.

Since 2013, InText has been organizing UTICamp, the largest localization industry event in Ukraine. Featuring up to 400 participants, the UTICamp conferences have given us much experience working with video content in challenging situations. In 2019, for instance, within the pristine forest where UTICamp is held, our team provided three live video streams, each available in three different languages, with the support of 3 to 5 camera operators, 15 to 20 conference interpreters, and 10 to 12 technical staff for 7 consecutive days without a single technical issue. Just visit the UTICamp YouTube channell to get an idea of how it went.

Don’t hesitate to spread your ideas online. We’ll cover the technical side for you.

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