Every company has its brand, even if it never uses the word.

Most people associate the term “brand” with global corporations that invest millions in promotions. But actually, your company name, your website, your business cards, and numerous other things make an impression on your clients and partners — and define your brand. It’s worth investing in developing a unified style for all your presentation materials.

Over time, everything changes, including your company, your products, and, most importantly, your clients. What was appropriate before becomes obsolete. So you adopt ambitious new goals and decide to change your image — and change your brand. But if you do this yourself, you’ll tie up your most talented employees. To avoid that, you can outsource this task to the branding and rebranding specialists at InText.

With a professional in-house team and a number of external partners, InText provides a full range of branding and rebranding services. We can help you:

  • Develop a high-level concept for all your presentation materials
  • Build or upgrade your company website
  • Optimize your social media pages
  • Design letterheads and other standard document elements
  • Standardize the layout of presentation slides
  • Create business cards, branded stationery, and corporate gifts
  • Prepare exhibition booths, backdrops, branded apparel, and accessories

Our goal is to make your company unique and memorable, reflecting your strengths and areas of expertise. As a translation company, we’re ready to provide you with textual and graphical solutions appropriate to the cultural and linguistic context of your target market. When necessary, we can even arrange for the production of your printed materials or branded products through our proven partners.

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