Motion design and animated videos are in demand. It's a great way to tell stories. Whether you’re sharing the story of your brand, a tutorial for your team, or a guide for your newly released product, people learn from actions on the screen faster than from words on the page.

Is it difficult to create animated video?

When you have a trusted team and a tested workflow, any task is feasible. This is the general workflow we follow to create an animated video:


This is when the story is born. At this stage, the customer usually gives us some background information and we build the whole story together.

Storyboard & visuals

After we have the whole story, it’s time to dig into the details. We create a storyboard, which is a document with three dimensions: the visual scenes, scene descriptions, and the voice-over script.

At the same time, a graphic designer creates the main scenes and characters to be used in the storyboard and the whole video.


It’s best to have a final voice-over before we have the final video. Sometimes, we need to make corrections to the visuals after the final version of the voice-over is ready.


Once we’ve approved the storyboard, we take the scenes from it and sew them into the animation. The first draft of the video is essentially a series of storyboard frames.


The final stage is where we call for the animators. Their job is to breathe life into the visuals and make them move and talk. This is the final stage when we put together all the details: graphics, voice-overs, music, subtitles, promo texts, logos, infographics, and so on.

This is a simplified workflow. But as you can see, the process is clear and feasible. We have an art director with more than 20 years of creative industry experience, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, and project managers who are ready to animate your story.

Is animated video expensive?

The cost depends on your needs and the draft scenario. Here is a list of the inputs we need to provide you with a quote:

  • Video duration
  • Number of characters and scenes
  • Voice-over (whether it’s needed and the number of characters)
  • Subtitles
  • Language (or languages) of the video
  • Information about additional graphics (if needed)
  • Music and sounds (sometimes we need to buy a license)

After we have all the details, we can discuss ways to optimize the workflow to fit your budget or discuss ideas on how to improve the video and make it a hit.

Also, we can localize your video content and help you enter new markets.

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