Modern businesses require both a global reach and flexibility. To reach an international audience, a company needs websites in various languages and needs to update them regularly. Doing this consists of multiple steps, such as tracking changes to the company’s main site, sending new texts to linguists, receiving translations, implementing translations on local websites, and checking the results.

Obviously, this is a labor-intensive process, requiring lots of effort and attention. Fortunately, there are organizations and solutions aimed at assisting global companies in their internationalization efforts.

The best way to optimize global content delivery is using specialized cloud systems that facilitate the automated retrieval, translation, and publication of new content. The other part of the solution is robust project management, which covers all aspects of interaction with language professionals.

What is Smartling?

Smartling is a cloud-based translation management platform. The main purpose of Smartling is to automate the translation of digital content. Smartling is used for:

  1. Localizing software
  2. Translating websites into different languages
  3. Localizing games, including online and mobile
  4. Translating software manuals and other documentation

Main benefits of Smartling:

  • Suite of features and functionality designed to centralize control and simplify collaboration
  • Cloud-based platform with hundreds of APIs to easily accommodate different content management systems
  • Proprietary tool to show translations in context in real time
  • Data-driven approach to controlling translation quality

The Smartling platform provides for highly automated content internationalization.

Finding the right language professionals

To get the best results, you should work with the best linguists. Moreover, each part of your content might have unique features, requiring special technical, legal, artistic, or other knowledge. While targeting an international audience, you cannot use a trial and error method to select the right language partners.

Why InText?

  1. You can rely on our experience assisting leading global companies in their localization efforts. InText is ready to assist you in all linguistic aspects of your translation efforts:
  2. Project setup, with assistance integrating a platform and defining steps and roles
  3. Quality assurance, including defining quality criteria, preparing glossaries, and creating and maintaining translation memory databases
  4. Translation by pre-selected linguists with proven experience in the subject area

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