Continuous development is a widely accepted approach to developing software. It involves regular code commits and, accordingly, regular changes to the user interface.

When software should be localized in one or several languages, however, it adds complexity to the continuous development process and often causes unnecessary deployment delays.

As a rule, development teams do not have in-house linguists for all target languages. Consequently, selecting, onboarding, and managing external linguists can keep a localization manager quite busy.

Localization itself also poses some specific challenges related to ambiguity of the source texts (especially short ones), the necessity to account for space limitations, and relations between existing and new translations. When linguists need context, they start asking questions, increasing the localization project manager’s workload. The best way to solve these problems is to use a specialized localization platform.

What is Crowdin?

Crowdin is a cloud-based localization solution. It serves both as a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool and a translation management system (TMS). Crowdin is used for:

  1. Localizing software
  2. Translating websites into different languages
  3. Creating localized versions of video games
  4. Localizing technical documentation

Main benefits of Crowdin:

  • Automated localization workflow, providing speed and reliability
  • Flexibility of customization to meet the specific needs of any team
  • Seamless integration with different software development systems

All in all, Crowdin provides for speed, efficiency, and transparency of the localization process.

Finding the right language professionals

While the process may be fully automated, localization itself still requires the efforts of linguists. In addition to linguistic skills, such as a good command of the source and target languages, vendors should be familiar with the localization platform being used for a project.

InText takes care of all linguistic matters:

  1. Selecting language professionals from the current talent pool and providing them with training on platform features and project specifics
  2. Setting up translation and quality assurance processes, creating and maintaining translation memory and terminology databases, and ensuring efficiency and consistency of translations
  3. Performing linguistics and QA tasks

 Why InText?

  • More than 20 years of experience working with all kinds of localization tools
  • Deep understanding of the specifics of software, website, and game localization
  • Aligned with localization best practices and connected to the latest industry trends as the organizer of UTICamp, a unique translation industry conference held annually in a hybrid online/offline format

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