To deliver services at full capacity, it is paramount to ensure smooth operations and take into account all possible risks. At InText, we value preparedness. Our goal is to make sure we can provide the highest level of services possible and keep our operations going despite any foreseeable risks.

Thanks to our distributed IT infrastructure, we are able to support our clients from anywhere an internet connection is available. Our files are protected by an advanced 5 TB backup system. In the main office, our power generators ensure the continuity of processes, and our main and alternate internet connections allow us to always be online with our clients. What’s more, the InText team now works from different parts of Ukraine and Europe and is always ready to provide you with quality client support, no matter where a particular team member is located.

For more details, see the How We Reduce Risks table below.

We’ve thought through lots of details so you can be confident in our delivery of first-rate services along with excellent client support. To order our services, contact us at crm@intext.com.

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