Automated check of translated files is a standard QA procedure for any modern LSP. It helps to avoid serious errors which could not only lower the quality of the target files but also harm a translation company’s reputation.

At InText, we have been using special software for automated QA since 2010, mainly Xbench from ApSIC. Now it is time to make another step forward to boost the quality of automated check. That is why we are adding Verifika – the next generation of automated QA products.

Verifika is a software tool that helps us to locate and resolve errors in bilingual translation files and translation memories. It detects formatting, consistency, terminology, grammar and spelling errors in the target language. All detected errors are included in a report which allows to conveniently correct them with no external software tool (such as SDL Trados) required. Verifika features an internal editor for reviewing and amending translations. For many error types, Verifika also offers an auto-correction feature. Its powerful search feature allows us to perform further corrections if necessary.

Verifika checks the following:

  • Missing translations
  • Untranslatables
  • Adherence to language standards
  • Text formatting
  • Repeated words
  • Translation consistency
  • Terminology
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Number mismatches and formatting
  • and other user-defined criteria.

From now on, most of our QA reports will be generated with Verifika. During Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference 2016 we are presenting a case study about developing InText’s automated QA procedures and switching to Verifika. The presentation video will be published later this year.

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