InText is celebrating its 17th birthday this year. We decided to take advantage of the weather and have a party outdoors. Last year, we took part in a corporate regatta for the first time, and we liked it so much that we decided to go on this exciting adventure again this year.

A regatta is a great way of combining outdoor activities and a team building event with the holiday spirit. Five yachts sailed out with our crews under the guidance of experienced skippers. The sails caught the wind and each crew, united by a common purpose and displaying great teamwork, sailed towards the finishing line.

A wonderful weather and a wonderful team

We have added new staff and become more united, experienced and courageous over the past year. And the InText ship is confidently moving towards new horizons and is ready to conquer unknown peaks.

We are sailing towards the finishing line

In addition, three new employees have joined InText this year, providing additional resources in the Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Project Management departments. New people bring new knowledge and experience, new skills and a lot of new energy to push our company towards new achievements.

We have a good tradition: we hold an initiation ceremony to show our respect and mark the beginning of a new period in the professional lives of our employees. And this year was no exception. And so, with our fantastic new staff members on board, we begin our next prosperous year in business!

InText's newcomers

And at the regatta, as it should be in a company where every single staff member works towards the success of the team as a whole, everybody won!

Our inspired team

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