One more successful exhibition has come to a close!

In June, the InText team participated in the LocWorld51 exhibition and conference. This annual event is one of the premier gatherings in the localization industry, bringing together professionals in international business, translation, localization, and global website management. This year, it was hosted in the vibrant city of Dublin, Ireland.

Our team put significant effort into creating a booth that was both informative and engaging. We designed it in a unique Ukrainian style, reminiscent of a traditional embroidered shirt (vyshyvanka), and adorned it with blue and yellow to represent our country’s flag. A standout feature of our booth was the big cat language wheel; visitors could spin the wheel and say a word in the selected language for a chance to win one of our bright hoodies. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

We were excited to present attendees with a range of unique and adorable gifts, including:

  • small cat cubes filled with sweets
  • cat robot assistant pins
  • cute sticker sets
  • Ukrainian-themed notebooks
  • caps
  • tote bags
  • chocolate and vegan sweets
  • a set of souvenirs in Ukrainian folk style for the LocWorld giveaway
  • and, of course, our unique yellow hoodies for adults and kids

Our bright booth design and desirable merch made it easy to catch attendees’ attention. It was a joy for our team to reconnect with clients and friends, engaging in meaningful conversations that only face-to-face interactions can offer. The InText team cherishes these opportunities for real-life connections, recognizing their value in fostering long-lasting relationships. Of course, we were also thrilled to meet new partners and friends at LocWorld and establish what we hope will be fruitful cooperation.

A big thank-you to all who visited our booth for your conversations, compliments, and support. Also, a shout-out to the LocWorld51 organizers for ensuring the event was seamless and memorable. Finally, special thanks to the speakers whose thought-provoking talks enriched the experience.

Looking forward to future localization events and meeting all of you again!

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