We couldn’t keep quiet about it… We’re talking about ChatGPT!

This AI model has caused a stir in the language community. You’ve probably seen dozens of LinkedIn posts about it. However, the question remains: How much will ChatGPT influence the language industry, and is it already doing so?

InText also elaborates on several ways we can employ ChatGPT to benefit our clients. And we’ve come up with some tips on how ChatGPT can assist project managers in their everyday tasks:

Language analysis

Have lengthy and complex client instructions that need to be passed on to the translator? Make them clear, short, and structured with ChatGPT. It can help you optimize your translation processes and improve quality. But don’t forget to double-check your target text, as ChatGPT may change some information.

Additional quality check

Need to double-check terminology consistency in translated texts? Use ChatGPT and its explicit language resources. It can also assist you with spelling, grammar, and syntax across various languages to ensure high-quality translations.

Enhancing communication

Want to sound more engaging and convey your message clearly? ChatGPT can make it happen! InText uses ChatGPT to improve our communications in social media posts and articles. Moreover, ChatGPT is just perfect for paraphrasing in order to increase readability, simplify text, or adjust it for a specific target audience.

AI solutions are developing rapidly, and InText believes they can assist us in our work and make it more productive.

Try our ChatGPT tips in your job! Meanwhile, we invite you to check out the language services offered by InText.

P.S. Beware! Do not give confidential data to the free version of ChatGPT.

P.P.S. Special thanks to Konstantin Dranch and Marco Trombetti for the materials used in this research.  

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