Every year, we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s by sending the best wishes from our team to our clients and freelance partners. We kept this tradition in 2020, sending 177 parcels all over the world! But we also wanted to introduce a special festive activity as new pandemic challenges in 2020 required new approaches. So we launched a little game on our website to add some fun and cheer our audience. 

To create this game, we took our “anti-pandemic” bear and added some Christmas spirit, nice graphics, a little bit of programming, and sparkling champagne to top it off. Mischief managed!

The game was launched in December 2020 and ended on January 6, 2021. All our website visitors could find eight champagne glasses hidden on different pages and participate in a raffle to win a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne to make the celebrations brighter.

This game brought fascinating results!

There were 74 people from 11 countries who found all eight glasses. We held two raffles and had six lucky winners. All of them got their bottles of nice champagne delivered right to their doors.

We hope everybody had a great time playing and enjoyed this little game. But what we know for sure is that sometimes it’s good to have some fun and keep moving further with more inspiration. We got a lot of positive feedback and enjoyed preparing these festive activities.

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