UTICamp is an open-air translation industry event we organize and host in the woods along the banks of the Samara river every summer.
After the huge success of UTICamp-2019, it was clear that we needed to outdo ourselves and make our design even more eye-catching, inspiring, and unique. But we were ready for this creative challenge, as the previous event had brought us a lot of new ideas. Some of the bright stories and unusual situations from UTICamp-2019 became part of our brand identity for the next event.

Storytelling in UTICamp design: Creating new brand symbols
UTICamp attendees hail from all over the world, and one event during a talk by Kimmo Rossi, a Finn who is a Head of Research and Innovation Sector at the European Commission, impressed us so much that we decided to eternalize it in our UTICamp branding.
During Kimmo’s keynote speech, our camp dog began chasing the chickens who were freely wandering the venue. The chickens were squawking so loudly that we needed to stop Kimmo and calm down the chickens and the dog before we could continue. This situation amused everybody and became a UTICamp meme.

After this funny occasion, our first UTICamp heroes were born. They’re now a permanent symbol of UTICamp.

These characters have begun to live their own lives and have brought us a lot of spin-off visuals. We used them in stand decorations for the 2019 tekom fair, started to develop them in our social media publications, and made them an integral feature of all UTICamp visual communications.  

  By the time we were preparing for UTICamp-2020, we had a strong set of creative artifacts that helped us design outstanding illustrated materials: 
event badges, t-shirts, notebooks, program posters, uticamp stands, reading materials, conference certificates.

Needless to say, these items were well-received, leading to many photos and much inspiration. You can view all pictures from UTICamp-2020 here.

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