InText is the organizer of UTICamp, a unique open-air translation industry event. Every year we gather industry professionals from all over the world in a forest camp along the banks of the Samara river near the city of Dnipro, Ukraine.
UTICamp-2019 was a one-week event that included presentations and workshops, networking sessions, sports activities, art master classes, evening concerts by the campfire, and a whole lot more.


We had the difficult task of preparing a design for this event identity that would convey the spirit of the whole event and suit the natural surroundings.
Our design needed to integrate into the forest camp and not be too loud. The green design concept we came up with used decorations made from natural materials to combine the beauty of nature with the built environment.

Here’s what we created:


UTICamp-2019 was a great success. Everybody enjoyed snapping photos with UTICamp decorations, taking badges and notebooks home as souvenirs, and posting pictures from this unforgettable summer adventure.

You can find more photos from the event here.

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