Lately, a new mini employee has appeared in our office. She performs her tasks responsibly, creates a warm atmosphere, and brightens the mood of all our employees.

Meet Hera

One day, our PM Team Lead Valeriya Vezovik, known to be 100% a dog person, came across a photo of a small beige dog with kind eyes and ears similar to Dobby’s from the Harry Potter movies. The photo was shared in a group trying to find new homes for abandoned and lost animals. From the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, millions of people in Ukraine have been forced to leave their homes, and along with leaving behind most of their possessions, they have had to leave beloved animals. Hera was one of them, and she went through plenty of hardships.

But now her new happy journey begins. When Valeriya saw Hera for the first time, the dog appeared to be quiet and well-behaved. Valeriya called her Hera, as she had five names in the shelter and didn’t respond to any of them.

Hera’s office life

During her first days with Hera, Valeriya decided to introduce her new friend to her office colleagues. Everyone was excited to meet Hera and decided Valeriya should take her to work in order not to leave her home alone.

At first, Hera did not leave Valeriya’s side even for a second and followed her everywhere. But as the days passed and Hera got to know her new colleagues better, many people began to greet her and play with her. Hera now welcomes those who have started to spend time with her and pay the most attention to her.

The office staff have embraced Hera. Anna Kraineva, the Head of Project Management, who initiated bringing this new employee on board, even brought in a blanket where Hera now spends most of her time. While in the office, Hera doesn’t disturb anybody and doesn’t bark. She mostly lies around, sleeps, or plays with her toy. During the day, Hera gets goodies from Valeriya for her excellent job performance, and at lunch, they even have time to get some fresh air and stroll around the block.

Now, when our employees come to the office, they greet Hera with joy and play with her. And at lunch, you can always see our new mini employee in the kitchen asking everyone for a treat.

PM Mini Assistant is the position we’ve given to our new employee, as she raises our PM’s spirits and motivation, leading to high performance. Our new PM Mini Assistant is ready to brighten the day for all of our colleagues, improving the results of our work.

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