InText stands with all people of Ukraine in claiming that Russian leadership treacherously unleashed and is waging a war against peaceful Ukraine.

During these difficult times, InText has approved and is implementing a number of initiatives, including but not limited to:

1. Advance payments to our employees, freelance partners, and the state budget.

2. An Assistance Fund is being formed to support as much as possible employees, freelance partners, their family members and other citizens of Ukraine, including residents of Dnipro.

3. Financial support was offered and is prepared to be transferred to freelance partners in Ukraine who are unable to work now due to any reason and, first of all, to those who are staying in the hot spots.

Employees of the company support defense measures of the city and Ukraine and humanitarian initiatives, depending on their capabilities, including the financial support and physical assistance where it is needed.

The company did have a few suppliers from the aggressor country. InText cooperation with them is ceased.

We go and will grow with Ukraine!

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