Providing personal and professional growth opportunities has always been one of the basic principles of development of InText. Last year, our team had a great opportunity to get an inside view of the modern steelmaking process and gain greater knowledge relevant to the metallurgical industry. We took a guided tour of Interpipe Steel, the recently launched electric steel mill complex, which is the first metallurgical plant built from scratch since Ukraine became independent.

Considering the level of technology, labor conditions, and environmental protection standards, the complex represents a new phase in the development of the industry in Ukraine. It combines state-of-the-art equipment and innovative green technology that will enable Interpipe to cut down on the emissions of polluting substances into the environment by 2.5 times.

As InText’s expertise lies mainly in the domain of technical knowledge, this first-hand experience was truly valuable and also quite inspiring.

Our team visited several buildings of the complex guided by the maintenance technician Yegor Yegorin, who explained all the subtleties of steel making and steel products manufacturing to us.

In addition, one of the team members happened to be the 10,000th visitor and received a small souvenir. The tour was an inspiring experience in many ways. We were happy to witness high standards in the work environment, an innovative approach to management and the newest technologies embodied in the equipment of the still mill.

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