Dear partners,

We hope you, your colleagues and loved ones are safe during this challenging time for the whole world!

We at InText continue to operate at full capacity, staying positive and supporting each other.

As the situation with COVID–19 virus continues to develop, we are implementing our own internal policy, having made the necessary adjustments to cut possible risks to the very minimum:

– From 17.03.2020, all our employees have been working from home as their safety and health are our highest priority. We have ensured that everybody in the team has the technical facilities they need and provided them with all the required equipment to make their work productive.

– A dedicated team of IT and support specialists is monitoring all our servers, software and systems 24/7 to make sure they continue to operate properly.

– Our team is now handling all communications online, including chatting during coffee breaks and cheering each other up during this period of necessary isolation, which could save lives.

All our working processes remain unchanged, and we will continue to monitor the situation and take any further steps required to ensure the safety of our team. We aim to stay transparent and inform you about our ongoing situation during the coming weeks.

We also encourage everybody to stay strong, be pragmatic, avoid panic and practise social isolation. And we strongly believe that only kind mutual support, critical thinking, fast and decisive actions will be able to mitigate the impact of this disease.

Wishing you all good health and tranquil days!

COVID-19 Policy

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