On April 25–26, the InText team attended the T–Update conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

The conference is designed to help LSP CEOs and decision–makers understand best practice, adopt new approaches and tools, and learn essential skills. Above all, the conference aims to establish and foster collaboration between peers from different companies and countries.

We started exploring Tallinn with a walking tour. We took a stroll through the narrow streets of the old city, admired the sights and discovered the local lifestyle. Let us be honest: we fell in love with Tallinn at first sight for its beauty, comfort and hospitality!

A walking tour in Tallinn

InText was a Support Partner of the conference and participated in the exhibition. We were also able to hear presentations and take part in the SmartCat Partners Day activities. The presentations were about topical translation issues, including machine translation and MT post–editing, business expansion and staff retention, the expanding menu of translation services and many other things.

Our good friends

For the TWB Fund Raising lottery, we offered free tickets to UTICamp–2019. The lucky winners were Yelena Shubina from Russia (MED.Solution), Shirley Yeng from Singapore (SuccessGlo), Anna Ryabokon from Estonia (LUISA) and Mirko Silvestrini from Italy (Unilingue).

The lucky winners of the lottery

We would like to thank the conference organisers for the high standard of the event. It was a perfect opportunity to interact with colleagues and like–minded people, to share experience and expertise, and to meet old friends and make new ones!

T–Update attendees

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