Around 1 in 6 people (14.7%) experience mental health problems in the workplace according to Mental Health Foundation.

Unfortunately, burnout, anxiety, and depression have become more prevalent since the start of the war in Ukraine and pandemic earlier. That’s why we’re sharing some tips for a healthy work–life balance.

Stick to a routine

Organized, familiar, and predictable daily actions are a must. By preserving a sense of normalcy, you can lift your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

Work is for work

Draw a clear line between your personal life and work to keep the balance between them. During personal hours, avoid work-related calls and messages. This separation will help you avoid stress and feel more control over your life.

Grab some fresh air

It’s no news that the outdoors can help you both physically and mentally. Step out of your (home) office during your lunch break, or change your method of commuting from bus or driving to walking. Even 10 minutes outdoors can have a huge impact.

Carve out some me time

Schedule hobbies the same way you schedule work tasks. Do what you truly enjoy and what builds a connection with your inner self.

Take a lunch break

Long gaps between meals or skipping a meal won’t make you more productive. In fact, taking a break from work in the middle of the day and grabbing some food can effectively boost your mental well-being and concentration.

InText values our colleagues’ work–life balance, and our employees regularly take part in a mental health support program.

Take care of yourself!

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