A brand hero helps you convey your message; communicate with your target audience using emotions, charisma, and personality traits;
and even have some fun.
InText has created its own corporate hero. Here’s the story of this fascinating journey.
While creating content for one of our website pages, we understood that the standard approach to graphics wasnt working anymore. We needed to create customized illustrations that would show our own story. This decision was the start of creating our own brand hero.

Step 1. Defining the brand hero legend, archetype, and character features
The mission of every brand hero is to convey the brand message. We needed to show that InText is:
A company with experienced and qualified experts.
Young and active, keen on technologies, and constantly developing and learning something new.
Aware that people are the most valuable part of our company.

Our hero needed to be an explorer and a creator — not an artificial intelligence engine or a robot. The InText character should combine kindness, curiosity, wisdom, and strength. 

Step 2. Sketching and choosing a concept
We decided to take our favorite cartoonish style and rely on our illustrator’s intuition.


Meet InDino, our own dinosaur.
He has billions of years of experience behind him. He’s smart. He’s absorbed technologies and gotten used to the modern world. InDino is curious and active, kind and brave, and likes to learn new things and gain new skills.
Just like us :)

Step 3. Integrating the brand hero
InDino started his life on our Game Localization page as a technology geek who also likes to play.

But he’s planning to visit our social media, become a video star, visit events together with InText, and inspire our future projects.
We press “Start” button and InDino starts his journey.

What is your brand hero? InText provides creative illustration services, so let us know if you need your own customized graphics.

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