The most magical time of the year has begun! We know that during this hardworking December period, there’s no better feeling than curling up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot drink. What could make it even more perfect? Having a fluffy little companion by your side, of course. You’re in luck: InText has a whole 8 companions waiting just for you!

Find 8 cats hidden on our website pages and win one of 8 Moët champagne bottles.

Start the game now. Pay attention to the details; we’ve left some hints for you.

1. Look for the cats among the InText website pages. Found one? Click on it!

2. Check your progress with the counter in the bottom left corner.

3. Leave your name and email so we can reach you after the raffle.

We’ll raffle the bottles of Moët champagne on December 22nd. Good luck! Hope to see your name in the raffle! 

UPD: Our Meowy Christmas game is over now, and we can proudly announce all 8 lucky winners! Find out who they are in the video below.

Let’s congratulate the winners who will enjoy their Moёt champagne. This year, 237 people found all 8 cats hidden among intext.com pages.

Thank you all for participating in the game. Stay tuned for our next raffles!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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