InTEXT WebSearch for Windows NT and UNIX
InTEXT WebSearch lets Webmasters make their existing Web Sites quickly searchable and easily maintainable within 10 minutes!

Add searching, retrieval and summarizing capabilities to your existing Web Site. With InTEXT WebSearch, users get the right information at the right time.

InTEXT WebInterest! for Windows NT and UNIX
InTEXT WebInterest! empowers your organization to stay in touch with its prospects and customers. With InTEXT WebInterest!, your company can ensure that its Web Site visitors receive current information through active notification. Users simply register their interests and receive the information they care about automatically.

InTEXT WebInterest! sends email notifications when new information is available, including live hotlinks to your Web Site. InTEXT WebInterest! is available now for end users, resellers and distributors.

InTEXT WebPak Professional for Windows NT and UNIX
InTEXT WebPak Professional is a suite of Web development and publishing tools. It combines the InslandInTEXT client, the InTEXT Retrieval Engine server and Web development technology into a complete solution for building sophisticated Intranets.

User can query the Intranet using free-form english and have the most relevant documents returned in order of importance. InTEXT WebPak Professional provides one-stop shopping for Intranet developers.


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