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InTEXT WebSearch InTEXT WebSearch was designed from the ground-up to Make Your Web Site Smarter. InTEXT WebSearch for Windows NT and UNIX installs your existing Web Site in under 10 minutes. It's also easy to maintain. Empower Web Site users (including you and your co-workers) with the ability to describe what they're looking for and receive the exact documents they need within seconds!

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Add accurate searching , retrieval and summarizing capabilities to your Web Site within InTEXT WebSearch. InTEXT's technology understands what documents are really talking "about". While other search engines retrieve hundreds of extra, unrelated documents, InTEXT WebSearch gives users the information that truly relates to their queries. With InTEXT WebSearch, users get the right information at the right time.

InTEXT WebInterest! was engineered to not only Make Your Web Site Smarter, but also to Make Your Organization Work Smarter. Send broadcasts to employees, prospects and customers at the click of a button. InTEXT WebInterest! sends handy email notifications that include live hotlinks to your Web Site.

InTEXT WebInterest! is available at a 50% discount off list price for a limited time.

Add active notification to your Web Site with InTEXT WebInterest!. Stay in touch with Web Site visitors by alerting them when new information is available. Send email notifications to your prospects and customers, InTEXT WebInterest! comes complete with active links to your Web Site.


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